ERICA MARIGLIANI is a Freelance Fashion Designer and Creative Director, specialized in design and development of special clothing for specific characters. She has worked with fashion brands as well as celebrities, tv shows and movies.

After studying Fashion Design at Polimoda, where she graduated in 2012, she started her career at Emilio Pucci Archive, where she took part in the Europeana Fashion Project and developed Fashion Research Techniques. She has been a Fashion Research Lecturer at Polimoda since 2017.

In 2014 Erica joined an accessory company as a fashion designer consultant, practicing the use of peculiar and innovative materials and managing production abroad

Her studies in cinema, literature and philosophy and long-time experience working as Assistant Art Director in music and event planning, have provided the basics for this type of work.


“Appreciating my experience and studies in the field, I love this type of work because it allows me to use my strongest skills: the ability to create opportunities for collaboration, empathy in creating an exclusive product dedicated to the special character of a person and the passion for research in experimenting with different materials and creating a new and unique product.”


"Knowing how to find what you need is a real talent. Research is actually a lifestyle and, to be exercised, requires logical skills. Fashion Research concerns concepts, history of fashion and art history, fabrics and materials, techniques and technologies. It is the ability to perceive the richness that this world can offer and to know how to use it to give value to a product or a project."


"When I approach a new project I always like to set the main goal, focusing my attention on it. On top of everything there are always human beings, both those who commission the work and the final customers. The maximum value is reached if people become happy. This is why I like managing a project as a whole: to make sure everyone involved is happy!"

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